Job openings

ID Industry Category Job type Job title Description Published
IT Services IT Full time Work with the Pod Leader, a seasoned senior analyst and Client Sales Team to provide research & analysis on (amongst other things): ・ Understand the client brief, and generate insightful report … 2021/02/21 15:00
Pharmaceutical/Health-care IT Full time The Solution Delivery Lead / Business Integrator is responsible for leading the execution of the assigned portfolio of projects to • Build or implement solutions on plan and within budget with excel … 2021/02/17 04:20
Financial: Banking (All) IT Full time The successful candidate will be supporting Unix/Linux servers for our entire Securities business (online retail and wholesale). Responsibilities include: ● Ensure the uptime and availability of the … 2021/02/17 00:00
Retail Accounting | Finance Full time As a member of Finance Team, this position will design & accompany management process of defining goals, planning and controlling. 1. Ensure transparency & accuracy of business results to cont … 2021/02/16 16:00
IT Services IT Full time 【業務内容】 ビジネスパーソンの業務効率化するためのBAP(Business Application) 製品、サービスの開発を担当していただきます。 ・コラボレーショ … 2021/02/11 03:10
IT Services IT Full time Participate in Design and conduct architecture discussion of new applications and enhancements to existing applications using Java and microservice      Bilingual Resource with Project Managemen … 2021/02/10 06:20
Retail Accounting | Finance Full time Assist the Director and VP of Financial Planning (NY) and Analysis in managing the Corporate Forecast and Budget processes by developing and distributing templates and then consolidating results to pr … 2021/02/09 14:00
IT Services IT Full time A Tech Support vendor is the liaison between the Operations team and Engineering team and responsible for ensuring the smooth technical functioning of the Ops teams. The Tech support team responds to … 2021/02/08 12:00
IT Services IT Full time Keep abreast with technological developments on the Salesforce platform and complementary products Independently work on the tasks assigned and help juniors technically in the team Develop and test … 2021/02/08 10:20
Retail IT Full time The Information Technology (IT) Senior Manager is responsible for management of activities pertaining to IT systems and networks, PC help desk, data backup and recovery, systems and network security, … 2021/02/08 06:20
IT Services Accounting | Finance Full time ●記帳による月次・年次決算、債権・債務管理、親会社への報告、税務申告(顧問税理士対応)及び各種支払業務、与信管理を行っており、興味や … 2021/02/07 11:00
Information Technology Accounting | Finance Full time 経営における重要テーマの設計、実行、プロジェクト推進 予実管理、PL作成 適時開示情報の取り纏め、社内外発信 M&A案件におけるデューデリ … 2021/02/05 10:30
Financial: Insurance Accounting | Finance Full time Main missions 1.Staff for head-office reporting ・Support monthly/ quarterly / ad-hoc reporting requirements to head office on IFRS basis. Understand instruction from the group and make necessary coo … 2021/02/03 15:00
Media Publishing IT Full time Support for improving non-functional requirements for various in-house services and operation of in-house platform infrastructure ■ Specific business content Ensuring a certain level of security ev … 2021/02/03 13:10
IT Services IT Full time   Act as a salesforce/Veeva technical analyst/designer Participate in business requirement discussion along with the BA. Act as a bridge between business, BA and the offshore team. Contribute in … 2021/02/02 10:20
Any Industry Accounting | Finance Full time We are looking for individuals who will lead the development of each service above from the view point of financial accounting.  There are some positions available such as AP/AR control, IFRS Accoun … 2021/02/01 15:10
Financial: Banking (All) Accounting | Finance Full time ・国際会計基準による月次・四半期・年次連結決算業務及び監査対応  (主に国際会計基準) ・日本基準に基づくSPC等の決算業務および法定監査・ … 2021/02/01 15:10
Entertainment Accounting | Finance Full time 役割の内容(成果責任・主な行動を含む)/ Main Duties & Responsibilities 事業環境の変化により新たな成長機会を迎えている音楽業界において、海外フ … 2021/02/01 15:05
Consulting (incl Audit) Accounting | Finance Full time 必須条件 ・公認会計士試験科目合格者、又は目指している方 ・Microsoft 中級レベル(Excel、Word、PPTを問題なく使用できる) ・英語:中級レベル、日 … 2021/02/01 15:00
IT Services IT Full time The Presales Director combines deep technical subject matter expertise with a keen understanding of how to address the critical business needs of enterprise customers through  AI products.    Ex … 2021/02/01 10:30
Retail Accounting | Finance Full time 1. Japan GAAP and US/IFRS Financial Reporting and Analysis ▪ Understand local and Global company Financial Governance accounting policy and partner with Financial Reporting team in order to support … 2021/02/01 08:50
Retail Accounting | Finance Full time 1. Business Partnership and Strategic Planning Proactively support multiple business stakeholders (primary Merchandising and Manufacturing. But Sourcing, Store Operations etc. if necessary) so that t … 2021/02/01 08:50
Retail Accounting | Finance Full time As Finance and Operation Director, you are responsible for visionary and strategic financial leadership for the company by working with the GM and CFO in HQ to establish long-range goals, strategies, … 2021/02/01 08:50
Retail HR | GA Full time ⚫ Organization Development/ Talent Acquisition ⚫ Employee relation & labor management ⚫ Compensation & Benefits ⚫ Training & Development 2021/02/01 07:00
Manufacturing/Industrial HR | GA Full time The HR Operation Specialist is expected to play a critical role on employee life-cycle, onboarding, payroll management, social insurance administration, off-boarding, aligning Human Resources s … 2021/02/01 07:00